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Identity management
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Convenient workflows. Cross-system user management. Fast, intuitive processes and cloud connection with maximum data security. What SAP is not providing for its own IDM until 2024 – the Identity Orchestrator from odemus can already do it today.

SAP identity management with the Identity Orchestrator

If you have to manage thousands of internal and external employees and take into account various SAP systems, even the simple creation of users can take ages. That’s why we have developed an identity management tool that brings the strengths of the existing user administrations, but has thrown their weaknesses overboard.


Cost savings

The Identity Orchestrator is very easy to use. The intuitive user guidance and the responsive design (natively developed in UI5) minimize training and personnel requirements.




Freely definable rules – for example, for the assignment and management of user IDs and roles – allow you to adapt the IDM precisely to your needs. This saves time and nerves in day-to-day business.


System integration

Your current HR systems can be easily connected to the Identity Orchestrator. Whether via SAP RFC, web service interface, REST API or other interfaces.

How you benefit from our IDM

For technicians

As an identity management tool (IDM), the Orchestrator is designed to simplify and accelerate the work of HR employees and SAP authorizers. To ensure this, our developers have placed great emphasis on a professional user experience. At the same time, the Orchestrator is compatible with every backend system and all interfaces. This ensures smooth integration into the existing IT landscape.

The Identity Orchestrator is hosted either on the local intranet or in the Deutsche Telekom cloud. SSL encryption during data transfer, connection to a vault, and (for the cloud solution) the server location in Germany guarantee compliance with EU data protection regulations.

Technical data at a glance:

  • developed natively in UI5
  • based on the framework of Simplifier
  • use of Docker
  • hosted in the Deutsche Telekom cloud or via local intranet
  • Mastery of all interface technologies
  • Database: MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • SSL encryption for data transfer
For HR experts and SAP professionals

Manage thousands of users simultaneously across all SAP systems in use in your company: With the Identity Orchestrator from Idemus solutions GmbH, this becomes child’s play. Thanks to the development in UI5, your employees work with interfaces that they already know and master from SAP Fiori.

Define user and role management according to your own individual specifications. Integrate your existing HR system and store your own rules, which will be the basis for automated workflows in the future. Use the clear and user-friendly information systems to keep track of users, positions, jobs, roles and authorizations.

The main points in detail:

  • generation of user IDs according to freely definable rules
  • intelligent, guided role application
  • individually definable process for role approval
  • automatic assignment of roles based on freely definable rules
  • automatic withdrawal of roles in case of job change within the company, termination, retirement or parental leave, sabbatical, prolonged illness
  • information system for a quick overview of roles and authorizations per user (similar to SAP user information system SUIM)
For business decision makers

The Identity Orchestrator from idemus solutions comes with a cost model that offers maximum planning security: After the one-time license fee, only the annual maintenance fee is due. This includes both maintenance and update of the system as well as the support flat rate.

The Identity Orchestrator is so flexible that it is just as suitable for small and medium-sized companies as for international corporations. And the costs also adapt to the size of the company: The fee is calculated according to the number of users to be integrated into the IDM.

The license and maintenance fees cover all day-to-day business operations. There are no consulting or training costs. Additional costs only arise if, at your request, we develop and implement features that can be used exclusively for your company.

The most important points at a glance:

  • one-time license fee according to the number of users
  • annual maintenance fee (approx. 20% of the license fee)
  • no additional costs and consulting fees for extensions that are included in the idemus standard
  • individual developments for your company are possible at any time for a fee
  • no additional hardware and personnel costs
  • very high ROI
Identity Orchestrator: Eintritt neuer Mitarbeiter ins Unternehmen
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Identity Orchestrator: Rollenkatalog
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Identity Orchestrator: Businessrollen anlegen
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Identity Orchestrator: Infosystem
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Identity Orchestrator: Provisionierungsregeln
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Identity Orchestrator: Rollen beantragen
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